Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of warranty

By requesting an annual mooring service be carried out by GP Marine (Lake Macquarie) Pty. Ltd. the licensee acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions that warrants the mooring certification stated herein.

The mooring apparatus must be kept in good condition and ensure at all times that the mooring line (bridle) does not rub or wear on any anchor or anchor fittings, bow, bow fittings or any objects which can cause chafe and cut the rope leading to failure of mooring integrity and causing vessel to break free. The mooring should be serviced every 12 months or more frequently if subject to specific mooring conditions. It is strongly recommended that it be professionally serviced by GP Marine (Lake Macquarie) Pty. Ltd. annually. Failure to comply with the above terms will result in void warranty of mooring apparatus in event of failure.

GP Marine (Lake Macquarie) Pty. Ltd. accepts no responsibility for mooring failure due to abnormal weather conditions, natural disasters or extreme weather events, oversized vessels using the mooring apparatus or foreign objects including but not limited to; anchors, cables traps, logs, nets, fouling or damaging the mooring apparatus, or damage by vandalism or unauthorised interference. Vessels failing to be cleaned of heaving fouling will be void of warranty if vessel is to break free.

Where the time interval from the last service exceeds 12 months, GP Marine (Lake Macquarie) Pty. Ltd. accepts no responsibility.

A vessel must not be absent from its mooring for more than 28 consecutive days unless Roads and Maritime has been notified in writing and written approval given

Proof of mooring service must be produced on request. This document can be presented to Transport for NSW and/or your Insurance Company as proof of your service. The production of an Invoice is not sufficient proof of service.

Vessels moored on a private mooring or commercial mooring are subject to several conditions. It is the responsibility of the vessel and mooring licence holder to ensure that the mooring and vessel meet all the relevant requirements and conditions for the licence. FAILURE TO COMPLY with Transport for NSW conditions may result in the cancellation of your Mooring Licence and impact on your Vessel Insurance.