Mooring Services

Mooring in Lake Macquarie

GP Marine are the Moorings experts in Lake Macquarie NSW. Our work includes:

  • New installation
  • Servicing existing Lake
  • Macquarie moorings
  • Relocating
  • Private and commercial
  • Annual Service

We pride ourselves on an economical, efficient service to all our customers. Please view our pricing structure on the GP Marine Pricing page.


When you enlist Matt you receive the benefits of a custom built aluminium barge set up for the service and installation of moorings in Lake Macquarie.
We are fully insured, only use the best quality parts we can source and all work is carried out in a tradesman like manner.

Please Note- Moorings are required by insurance companies and NSW Roads and Maritime to be inspected on a annual basis. As most of the wear occurs at the sea bed the only effective way is to have a mooring contractor lift and inspect your mooring.

The results of our moorings repairs can sometimes only be determined by the condition of the mooring when we locate it. We always consult with the owners after we inspect the mooring and find there is something out of the ordinary which may require additional work

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